CODZIENNIE odkrywa Warszawę
na nowo

Ten Maluszek robi wrażenie!

    Ten modny samochód był bardzo popularny w Polsce i środkowo – wschodniej Europie. Być może warto zwrócić się tej formie i skorzystać z siły legendy tego kultowego samochodu!

Napisał o nim Andrei Nedelea  na brytyjskiej stronie Motor1.

    Since Fiat’s reimagined modern 500 with a retro twist has proven so popular (it’s been on sale for more than a decade and it’s still going strong), then the manufacturer should maybe look at other classics it could reinterpret for the modern era. One idea could be to recreate the iconic Fiat 126, which was huge in Poland where it was manufactured from 1972 all the way until the year 2000.

And Fiat could adopt the same tactic it did in reimagining the iconic 1960s 500 (the 126’s predecessor). If it did, the finished product might look something like the vehicle in this rendering. It looks front-wheel drive, even though the original was a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive vehicle, but this is what Fiat did with the modern 500 (both the internal combustion-engined model launched in 2008 and the recent EV).”

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